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The Montessori Primary environment or Children's House is designed to call to the child's specific and heightened sensitivities that characterize this stage of his or her development.

Each Children's House is prepared with a full compliment of Montessori materials that provide a unique educational experience in the areas of:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Mathematics

In working with these materials, the child develops essential skills for life by building self-confidence, independence, and concentration.

The primary role of the Montessori teacher, or Guide, is to serve as an active link between the child and the Montessori material. Within this role, the teacher provides direction and guidance to each individual child so that learning becomes a series of joyful discoveries. The Montessori way of teaching values each child's style, pace, and approach toward learning.

Children’s House is multi-aged grouping of approximately 26 children ages three to six. Within a mixed age community, the oldest children become the models and the inspiration for the youngest, while consolidating their own knowledge, concepts, self-confidence, and sense of responsibility. Since a child builds on experiences and mastery of the materials from previous years, the three to four year program allows for growth toward a healthy independence and prepares the child for his or her next level of education.